Sela Films is dedicated to producing works of substance and value that entertain as they educate. With inclusion and representation at our core, our productions are centered on opening everyone's eyes to parts of our world typically not observed on a daily basis; and as long as we continually push the boundaries of innovation, diversity and creativity, we will effect change.


A need to make a short film based on a true story brought Michel Chahade, Aimiende Negbenebor Sela, Donna R.M. Wilson, and David Silverberg together to make it happen.

Out of this venture, a production company was born: Sela Films, LLC.

Sela is a Hebrew name - it means Rock. The name Sela represents the founder's connection to her adopted father, David Silverberg, whom she expresses "pulled her out of the dark into the light." The combination of Sela's Nigerian heritage and her Israeli/Jewish inclusion, is an important part of the company's vision and drive to produce films that showcase a variety of cultures.


Our Mantra
We are a global world.