So, I was thinking about what gets a reader so wrapped, so entranced in a story that once they've began reading, they have no choice but to finish the book, the script, the article, the poem, the comic, heck -- the sentence?

I'm no expert at this, but I think it's that...

I began writing the title of this blog post as "Color Psychology in the era of COVID-19" and thought better of it. Yes, I am writing this during the quarantine; yes, I am feeling the effects of the lock down like you, my fellow citizens of this universe; and yes, I sti...

I got the chance to sit virtually with Aquillia Mikel, creator of The Beat Sheet Podcast (@beatsheetpod) on Apple Podcasts a few months ago to talk shop; here's what resulted! It was such a pleasure spending time with her, learning from her and essentially relearning t...

But, I'll start with this. Film Courage.

I recently discovered Film Courage on Youtube when I went searching for long videos on the craft: Writing, Directing, Filmmaking, anything film related...and what a wealth of information you can find on this site.

Here are two vid...

March 26, 2020

I stumbled across this article and it got me thinking about what we are considering our new normal, at least for the time being and wondering if (hear me out, here) we weren't already social distancing before the Covid-19 pandemic.

What do you think?

Click the photo belo...

Ain't that the question (sometimes), especially when you are an indie filmmaker with limited resources, playing catch up in this ever rapidly changing and over saturated world of visual entertainment, where everyone else but you seems to churn out content like it's pis...




always be closing, always be closing

Coffee's for closers.

Glengarry Glen Ross

~ David Mamet

So, this morning, I read David Mamet's book: On Directing Film 

Now, not everyone's crazy about this book, but it's a short enough read for you to dedicate a few h...

I began this new year not with setting goals or making resolutions, but rather with making a pact with myself to continue growing (whatever form/shape that takes.) One of the things I figured I'd do to help me on this journey is to share (everyday, I hope) something I...

December 23, 2019

I had the pleasure of working with this incredible, talented, and humble Jazz musician, Andrew Gutauskas, and here's the end result. Well, a part of it. He composed the soundtrack for our upcoming short film, Hermit, which will be available soon on Spotify. We'll certa...

September 24, 2019

You sure know how to make a gal feel great, #voyagela!

A little late on sharing this with you, folks, cause I'm in the thick of it with Hermit, Sela Film's latest short film. We are in post production, don't fret! We'll be sharing behind the scenes photos and updates wi...

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