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Lucy decides to return to North Korea to find the brother she and her mom left behind when they defected to the United States. There's just one problem: he defected too.

A film about the acceptance of life as it is, "A Day in the Life of Who" opens on an escape sequence: two little boys (Tao and Eddie) fight to escape an abusive foster home in Coney Island; and a mother and daughter (Lucy) run for their lives across the frozen Dangdong River from North Korea into China.

Fast forward to today and Lucy is a graduate photography student at the The New School. Her mom just passed away and the memories of her escape from North Korea haunt her. Her angst toward her mom for "moving on" and refusing to deal with their past, and her need to know if the brother they left behind is alive and well eats away at her until she decides to do something about it.

While on the subway one day, Lucy encounters an intriguing homeless couple (war veteran Adam, and his girl: Eve.) She's seen them before; even photographed them for a photo essay on homelessness in the city. Lucy takes the encounter as a sign: she's on the right track. Her brother has to be alive. She follows them, not wanting to lose that slim sliver of hope, until one fateful night; outside a bodega in the Lower East Side, where she finds herself at one end of a cockeyed semi-circle formed by a gang of five teenage boys (including Tao and Eddie), Adam, and Eve who's got a gun pressed against the nape of her neck.

One false move and Eve dies.

In the vein of six degrees of separation, Lucy finds her life intertwined with that of Eve's, Adam's, Tao's and Eddie's, and is forced to make a life altering decision.

Top 15%, 2017 Academy Nicolls Fellowship Competition

Semi Finalist, 2017 The Athena List (Athena Film Festival)

Official Selection, 2017 TTP Screenplay Contest

Finalist, 2015 CineStory Foundation Fellowship

Official Selection, 2015 Film Crash Screenplay Competition

Official Selection, 2013 Asian American Film Lab Unfinished Works Competition

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