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The Feature

Rapid fire images: sunlight, flames, smoke, dusty black male feet, and an ambulance… fire!

And, yes, someone’s badly hurt. It’s bad. The eerie beeping of a heart monitor and a ventilator pump clicking and whooshing in the background, confirms this. Suddenly, everyone’s gone. We’re left with a body in fetal position on a deserted village street, covered in thick soot. It’s as still as ice.


Not for long.


It’s bright white! A new day, and we’re in sunny California. Angel (Caucasian) wakes up to her beautiful fiancé, Lilly (Caucasian). All seems well with the world, except not really.

From the moment Angel wakes up, her world turns surreal: a female voice recites the Lord’s Prayer in Swahili, a doctor informs the owner of the voice that it’s time: to withdraw life support. As if that’s not enough to drive a girl mad, a black nurse peers into Angel’s eyes with a penlight, then disappears. Not long after that, vivid red roses and lavender lilies suddenly appear in Angel’s bedroom. She freaks out, they disappear. Angel confides in Lilly that she feels she’s losing her mind. Well, it’s worse. Her world crumbles to pieces; she’s suddenly in burned clothes, blood and soot all over her. She can’t breathe... She’s violently yanked back!


All goes black.


Angel’s eyes open, she’s in a hospital in Kampala, Uganda. She’s a stunning black woman covered in burns who was just taken off life support and instead of dying, woke up. Now, the real drama begins.

Screenplay Journey

Finalist, 2019 Creative World Awards International Screenwriting Contest (Drama Category)

2nd Rounder, 2019 Sundance Institute Development Track (Feature Film Program)

Semi-Finalist, 2018 Screencraft Film Fund (Drama Category)

2nd Place Winner, 2018 Austin Film Festival (Feature Screenplay Pitch Competition)

Finalist, 2018 Screenplay Festival (Feature Screenplay Contest, Drama Category)

Semi-Finalist, 2018 Austin Film Festival (Feature Screenplay Contest, Drama Category)

Finalist, 2018 TMFF (Feature Screenplay Contest, Drama Category)

Official Selection, 2018 Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards (Feature Screenplay Category)

Official Selection, 2018 Finish Line Script Competition (Feature Screenplay Category)

Winner, Best Screenplay, 2018 Short to the Point Film Festival (Short Screenplay Category)

Official Selection, 2018 Meters International Film Festival (Short Screenplay Contest)

Quarter Finalist, 2017 TMFF (Short Screenplay Contest)

Semi Finalist, 2017 Manhattan Short Film Festival (Short Screenplay Contest)

Official Selection, 2017 TTP Screenplay Contest (Short Screenplay Contest)

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