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Editing is hard!

Yup, I said it.

I generally can and often do edit small pieces films, but I am noticing of late that my mind's eye is a little more creative than my editing abilities can do justice to. And, as an indie filmmaker who maybe has $2 in the bank as we speak, paying top dollar (a good editor is worth every penny) to have someone else edit my films is darn near impossible. I mean it is literally out of the question. Especially when I only have $2 in the bank. So. YouTube :)

I mentioned geeking out on YouTube in my last blog (which was many moons ago) and I still do. As a matter of fact, I have found a few channels that I'm subscribed to to be very helpful. It is one thing to know how to do the thing, and another to know how to teach someone else how to do the thing. Yeah...that's what I meant.

In the interest of passing it forward, sharing, learning, etc., I love them all; here are a few of those channels. I bet you're already subscribed to many of them. The top three are my go-to's and the others I have gotten some really good helpful tips from, and visit them from time to time. Can't list all the YouTube channels I visit for stuff here, but you'll get the general idea, I think...


And, as always, sharing is caring so drop me some tips, will ya!? ;)


Peter McKinnon (love his channel)

Ugly McGregor :) (love too!)

D4Darius (great tips for filmmakers) (Love three! ;))

And last, but certainly not least:

Because. Tre cool! (and, some days I just need a fix ;))

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