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Ah, Utopia...


It's finally finished! Done! Finito! Terminado! Fini! Gjort! Fertig! That last translation (German) sounds close to how I feel --- fatigued! It's been a journey to say the least... But, it's done. My baby is out to festivals and now the waiting (and more spending) begins.

Yup, festival submission fees are insane! And, it's fair; since running a festival cost money. It's just, for an indie filmmaker who door dashes and drives lyft and does the occasional "E.T. phone home!" so she doesn't "hey honey..." her new husband to death! lol! Paying those prices gets a little painful.

That said, it's is such a great feeling when you get a notice in your inbox that a festival thinks you're kinda cool :)

So, I'm off to go do something to get some green to pay some fees to get more kudos in my mailbox.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on Utopia's festival run. Fingers crossed, I'll be seeing ya good-looking face at a festival near you.



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