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To Be or not To Be (escapism vs realism)

I'm part of this workshop program/course/thingy: The Three C's, that focuses on helping individuals basically be their authentic selves in their career world -- the results of which, of course, transfer into their personal world as well. I am not really the best student (never really been, if I'm being honest); but, having been traveling from one country to the next, and one city to the next touring the festival circuit with Utopia, I have missed a couple classes and I am now playing catch up.

This week's focus has been research.

That word "research" is a big one for me! lol! Because, I believe strongly in it; and yet, I question what makes for good research?

Is it reading articles from authority figures, i.e. experts in a given area of study? And, how did those experts become expert anyhow? Was it through years of study and learning from other experts? And, yup, ya guessed it--what makes those experts these experts have learned from experts, annnnnnnd down the rabbit hole we go with this line of questioning.

So, back to a more reasonable line of questioning, shall we? "What makes for good research?" lol!

Google has become my point of entry into the world of research on any topic; thanks Larry Page and Sergey Brin. After which point, I land in a mess of articles, videos, essays, message boards, social media sites, etc, etc, having one or more (and sometimes no) connections to the subject of my research.

Now, that begs the question: is googling something research?

Aha! That one's sure to trigger an affected accent debate amongst the elbow patched high brows at a late night whiskey tasting party in a room that could very well double as a dungeon -- shh.

Ok, here's what I think about research:

If you are lucky enough to form a working hypothesis (a valid working hypothesis) that you care that much about that you've decided to go down the metaphorical insect ridden rabbit hole to find out if your hypothesis is true or false; or, if you've simply got this nagging question that's pushed you to the edge of your computer keyboard and your fingers are itching to wreak havoc in the name of research, then just start somewhere -- anywhere.

But, don't make the mistake of thinking that everything you read about said research topic is true and valid until you find it to be true and valid. Yup, I know. WTF? And, HDF do you do that!?

I'm no expert on the subject, so I advise you to google it :))

On a serious note, you have to have some guidelines, as I just recently learned. Some sets rules, a hard line in the sand, so the speak: "here and no further!" lol! Actually, that's reversed. It's "at least here and even further." And, you have to define what that hard requirement, that hard proof is that you need in order to be able to accept the results of any given research material as accurate, true, factual, even definitive.

Hey, thank the heavens that you're not the first "man" on earth, huh :)

Now, whatever those requirements are for you, own them; but as we all know: growth requires change.

So, as you grow, be open to amending (for the better) those hard lines in the sand ONLY if they should be amended.

For instance, requiring that a piece of research be "peer reviewed" isn't something I'd advise anyone to amend. Or, requiring that a researcher's research results be "reproducible." That one's definitely a keeper: someone else has to be able to get the same results as you if they do the same tests, using a valid (representative sample) with the parameters you used for your tests, etc, etc.

What in the name of rabbits does this all have to do with screenwriting and film-making, ya ask!?

Well, everything.

Before you tackle a subject matter in the name of creating your masterpiece, your magnum opus even, do your research. Before you decide to break a rule, know the rules cold. Before you decide to create something new, innovative, ground breaking, know the ground you are breaking first; etc, etc, itd, atd, osv, usw, ecc, jne, kisaltma, v.v... Ya know the drill.

In conclusion, sharing is caring so... yeah, share. You actually learn more when you do :+))

Till next time, cheers!

Aimi :D

ps: images may be subject to copyright.

pps: the results of my research on escapism vs realism -- do people in general prefer escapist films to realistic ones?

The answer I found to be most true is this: yes; people, in general, prefer escapism.

That broke my heart a little 'cause I know it to be true for me too; and yet, I make films that exist in the space of realism...

Yup, go figure :)

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