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What I learned today

I began this new year not with setting goals or making resolutions, but rather with making a pact with myself to continue growing (whatever form/shape that takes.) One of the things I figured I'd do to help me on this journey is to share (everyday, I hope) something I learned that day. Of course, I know I won't be able to keep up with doing this daily, but as is my motto: I'll try.

So, I started today reading a portion of Michelle Obama's "Becoming" with my coffee and then moved on to learning a bit about my craft...via Youtube :) This was motivated by a link that my advisor in my current online Directing class (at Sundance Co//ab), Lise, shared with me in response to my homework from last week regarding lighting and composition. It was a link to a page exploring Vittorio Storaro's work. I've listed the link she shared with me below if you'd like to check it out, and you can find tons on him via YouTube.

So, I began my exploration on the site listed above, and went on to google Vittorio and watched a handful of clips on him which lead to me watching clips on/from other cinematographers and in the process, I picked up a few tips that I found very interesting. I'm gonna share one tidbit here with you from cinematographer, Luciano Tovoli.

Of the several statements he made, this one grabbed my attention: "each movie has its own reality."

This stuck with me cause I realized how much sense that made... Each story should be approached individually because it is its own unique entity. It should be lit, composed, filmed, colored, etc, according to that film's individuality, uniqueness, reality.

Check out the video on Youtube, below; and while you're at it, watch others from good cinematographers, filmmakers, etc. There's always a tidbit of useful (sometimes, brand new) information waiting to be gleaned.

Happy 2020!


PS: ...sharing is caring :D

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