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What I learned today: LUT or Nah?

Ain't that the question (sometimes), especially when you are an indie filmmaker with limited resources, playing catch up in this ever rapidly changing and over saturated world of visual entertainment, where everyone else but you seems to churn out content like it's piss (or more politely, at the speed of light)?

Phew! That was a mouthful. I'm venting, sorry. My carpal tunnel is acting up and I'm stressed.

Why, you asked? Well, thank you for asking. I hope all's well with you, today :)

I am wrapping up post production on my latest short film, Hermit, and in the "throws" of color grading. My process in general usually involves color grading "from scratch" and where applicable, using a small percentage of a LUT with a look I like/am aiming for as a "finish." I usually also tweak the LUT itself if necessary...

So what is all this gibberish I am spewing? I'm asking myself the same thing, don't worry. Here's someone who seems to know a bit about what they're talking about and who references other people, who in turn reference other people, who in turn... Ya get the drift. You can easily get lost in the world of research on the internet, but here's a good place to start NO FILM SCHOOL

As always, learn the fundamentals as best you can, take what works for you after that, apply it and leave the rest.



PS: Yup, sharing is caring.

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