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What I learned today: So much...

But, I'll start with this. Film Courage.

I recently discovered Film Courage on Youtube when I went searching for long videos on the craft: Writing, Directing, Filmmaking, anything film related...and what a wealth of information you can find on this site.

Here are two videos I watched and enjoyed and felt I learned something (anecdotal or educational) and thought to share. Hope you find it helpful and if you like these, go digging! You may find more useful stuff on there.

Quitting A Hollywood Job To Make Movies - Adam William Ward [FULL INTERVIEW]

Anatomy Of Story - John Truby [FULL INTERVIEW]

*Side note, I am not sponsored by any of the site I suggest here. They are simply places where I've found useful tips and thought to share.

Craft stuff aside, we are in an interesting time... I hope you are all safe and sound, doing your best to keep your fellow community members safe and sound by practicing #socialdistancing, and keeping sane! Very important that last bit. Keep sane. We all need you to be sane. Well, one's definition of sanity is relative, so I'll say at least don't get worse that you were before #covid19 showed up. Fair enough? Great. Ok.




PS: as always, caring is sharing :D

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