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On Budgeting....

I got the chance to sit virtually with Aquillia Mikel, creator of The Beat Sheet Podcast (@beatsheetpod) on Apple Podcasts a few months ago to talk shop; here's what resulted! It was such a pleasure spending time with her, learning from her and essentially relearning things I really didn't realize I'd taken for granted during the process of taking a film from start to finish.

The Beat Sheet Podcast

I've found that sharing your experience, the good and bad, regardless of how "expert" of a filmmaker you are, or how long you've been doing this thang..., is in and of itself a learning experience. It solidifies the things you've picked up even subconsciously along the way and opens you up for more learning opportunities. And, those listening to you may very well find that they pick up a thing of two that you do differently, or find that you've just refreshed their memory.

Ok, without further adieu...

My convo with Aquillia on The Beat Sheet.

The Beat Sheet

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