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So, I was thinking about what gets a reader so wrapped, so entranced in a story that once they've began reading, they have no choice but to finish the book, the script, the article, the poem, the comic, heck -- the sentence?

I'm no expert at this, but I think it's that little thing called CONFLICT.

According to Wikipedia, a conflict is a clash of interests. defines conflict as a struggle or an opposition.

Oxford (online) give one definition as a situation in which there are ideas, opinions, feelings or wishes that are opposed to each other; a situation in which it is difficult to choose.

There is so much on the subject on the web, in books, you name it. Rather than expound on it in my own words here, I figured I'd share a piece by StudioBinder that I found helpful.

Conflict, On StudioBinder

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Cheers, and as always... Sharing is caring :D

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